Secret Numbers – Willem De Swart

A collection of Willem De Swart links, videos and conversations:



Besides his Videos you will find a lot of articles and information on the topic.


YouTube Channel with 11 Videos



Online Radio Talk Shows–the-secrets-behind-numbers


Talks with Michael Tellinger


Secret Numbers – Willem De Swart

2 thoughts on “Secret Numbers – Willem De Swart

  1. So has willem de swart published his book?
    Its realy great listening but would be even better if there was a written text so that I can read it again & again.
    To get these consepts fixwed in my brain.

  2. Hi Calvin,

    Willem has not yet published his book. Last time I heard from him was a few days ago. I don’t have much contact with him but he mentioned he does not want to release info prematurely because it has to reach a certain level before it becomes useful and people can understand it. I totally understand this. He does work on it on a daily basis and makes some good progress which sounds great.

    In the meantime I can suggest you to read “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) and “Disappearance of the Universe”. Both books were recommended to me by Willem. Those are great books that I read and work with as well.

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