Secret Numbers – Willem De Swart

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Talks with Michael Tellinger


Secret Numbers – Willem De Swart

6 thoughts on “Secret Numbers – Willem De Swart

  1. So has willem de swart published his book?
    Its realy great listening but would be even better if there was a written text so that I can read it again & again.
    To get these consepts fixwed in my brain.

  2. Hi Calvin,

    Willem has not yet published his book. Last time I heard from him was a few days ago. I don’t have much contact with him but he mentioned he does not want to release info prematurely because it has to reach a certain level before it becomes useful and people can understand it. I totally understand this. He does work on it on a daily basis and makes some good progress which sounds great.

    In the meantime I can suggest you to read “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) and “Disappearance of the Universe”. Both books were recommended to me by Willem. Those are great books that I read and work with as well.

  3. I met Willem a few years ago at the home of Mike van Schalkwyk in Midrand. I am a professor of applied mathematics and was entranced by his mathematical derivations. We share many other interests. He gave me a fantastic collection of videos, which I watch regularly.
    I very much would like share my latest research on gravitation with him. I have, at last, derived a simple formula to predict the positions (or periods) of the solar planets, the comets and the exoplanets. I am sure that he would find a link with his formulas and numbers.
    I would like to communicate with him again Also, how can I register for his website `’?
    Please convey my best wishes to him.
    Pieter Wagener

    1. Hello Pieter,
      sorry for responding late. I had some busy times.

      It sounds really interesting to me what you are researching.

      I would love to let him know about you trying to contact him but I have not had contact with him myself for about 4 or 5 years now, I think.
      Also I never met him in person, we simple exchanged a few emails about how the mind works and he shared some of his knowledge with me. Which I’m still grateful for today.

      You could try to contact him on Facebook, though he does not seem to be very active there. However that is what I did a few years ago, and he was open to share some of his thoghts with me.

      I think he was somehow invovled in a motion picture called “Mind the Gap” (he posted a film poster on Facebook before, that also named him as part of the movie). I watched it and it definitley is a movie that he could have been involved with. I can recommend it a lot. You can stream it at

      The last few years I didn’t have much time to stay in contact with him and he also was busy working on this book, which I hope he still plans to publish. He is a great person and very accurate about this stuff, which makes it much more fascinating since he puts so much time in to make sure it is all correct.

      Regarding his website I think he mentioned somewhere, that he took it down since it had a few errors or everything was not fully integrated yet.

      This whole topic still fascinates me and I’m still busy myself with ACIM ( A Course in Miracles) and some of the things he pointed out to me.

      I might contact him again when I have a moment and when I think I can have a good convesation with him about the mind and the unified thought system. But for now the above information is all I can give you.

      Best wishes

    2. Hi Pieter,

      I just looked up his website and it seems to be no longer online at all anymore. There used to be a password protection on it.
      Anyway there is an internet archive called way back machine. you can find his website there.

      But please keep in mind that Willem most likely took his site down for a reason, I think that should be respected. Also what is on his website on might be outdated or not fully accurate.

      What are the videos he shared with you? Are these the ones that can be found on youtube as well? I’m just interested in this whole topic as well.

      Best wishes!!

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