Divinity Found in The Mayan Calendar – Must See

I came across the following videos quite some time ago, for the first time. I just stumbled upon them again and really need to share these with you. They tie in perfectly with all the other great sources here ond DTDT (Discover The Divine Truth). Ian Lungold did a great job to figure out one of the lesser known calendars from the maya, the infamous one that ended in 2012. That calendar was made for tracking divine consciousness more than time.

Ian explains the mayan calendar and explains in detail how ist was and still is keeping track of the divine plan. Espescially helping you understand your purpose a lot better. He also goes into detail about the future that we are currently experiencing. Climate change was mentioned as well as the importance of ethics in our current society. All of this is not a coinsidence but part of creations plan that we are litteraly watching unfold. The mayan calendar knew about it and things to come from its beginning.

Here are all talks I found. They are long but really, really are worth watching…

Divinity Found in The Mayan Calendar – Must See

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