Discover the Divine Truth is now free

4 thoughts on “Discover the Divine Truth is now free

  1. I only recently d/l a torrent with the Revelations of an Insider in it and was amazed at the content. Though most of it I either knew or heard about, I’ve never seen it the way it was presented and there were definitely some new things there I hadn’t known.

    Through that I was lead here, or more precisely via the GLP’s website where there are posts aplenty about the Insider. I don’t know what to believe in or where I’m supposed to go from here. Although I’ve been looking for truth for twenty years, only the last five have I made more progress and realised what little I knew. Though I knew a considerable amount it’s still not much in comparison.

    Thank you for your ebook. Though I’ve just started reading it, it is very interesting and enlightening so far. I’m only on page 12 mind you!

    I’ve also been reading the comments on your site and liked what cesaralexander said.

    Take care…

  2. I tried to download the e-book but was given a “fatal error” message 🙁 I’m happy to purchase it though and will find it in print

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