Perfect thinking and why positive thinking won’t work

The feelings we have in situations, we only have them because of what we thought about the situation or a very similair one before it took place. We decide now how or what we feel in the future. Whether the feeling will be more or less intense in that situation is another topic. But what it will be is only decided by how we think about it.

Positive thinking always leaves an option open for the negative or things to come through not the way your would really love them to. The oppertunity for bad feelings come up and things you would not like to happen to take place. Being positive is just that, ‘being positive’. However that won’t make any difference wether other things than what you would like to happen, can happen or not. At least form the perspective of your self.

Perfect thinking however doesn’t have any, I repeat ANY, spot open for things to be thought you do not want them to happen. Perfect thinking is perfect and will eventually bring forward perfect experiences. Moments when you just enjoy the moment and can’t hold back but have to say “this is perfect”. The moments we all long for. These moments can only take place after perfect thinking was practiced in the very first place. That is a fact! You can think about it as much as you want, but these perfect moments in your life come only after you have been able to visualize them before. Not any other way.

Like Michael Jordan visualized the perfect win of a championship a thousand times or Michael Jackson went through his concert in his head perfectly a thousand times before he was able to deliver the perfect show. This was only possible through perfect thinking, not positive thinking.

Feeling bad abot a situation? Think about how it would resolve perfectly and I mean perfectly not just good or positve. You will feel just better.

BTW – thinking perfectly will not give you a chance to cheat yourself at all. Whenever you are not feeling comfortable of what you think about, you are not thinking perfectly.

Perfect thoughts od not give any room for bad feelings. And these feeling we attach to our visualizations are the feeling needed to be attached to them. The feeling that needs to e attache to the law of attraction for example, in order to make it work.

And that is the only way to be what you truly are.

Perfect thinking does not allow feelings like fear, anger and such to even occur. It is an art to be mastered and not about trying to become perfect, but having perfect thoughts.

Perfect thinking and why positive thinking won’t work

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