Wild Horses

Icicles cast a prismatic reflection from the soft glow of sunshine across the snow covered valley. There is a stillness in the air that seems reverent, somehow, almost sacred. The crisp, cold breeze whispers among the trees as soft, silent snow falls from their branches. The only sound to be heard is the sound of silence!

All of a sudden, the stillness is broken by a pounding sound as if thunder moved across the valley. Snow flying from under their swiftly moving hooves, a herd of wild horses comes charging into the clearing. Their manes flying wildly in the wind behind them, the herd of wild Mustangs roar across the wintry landscape. Where did they come from and where are they going? What is their purpose and what is their goal? Ahh, but there is a pondering that, for now, must remain a mystery.

One thing we do know…for some reason, we are drawn to them! What is their mystique? What is that aura of mystery? What is that mystical power that brings out a longing within us? Maybe, it’s their gentle dignity. Maybe, it’s their tireless strength. Maybe, it’s their fierce love of freedom. You can just…almost…touch it. Wait, I have it! It’s their… SPIRIT!

Spirit is something that inspires! Spirit is something that is magnetic! Spirit is charismatic! Spirit is something that other people just can’t ignore! Spirit is…well, spirit is…ATTITUDE!

How would you like to have an attitude like that? An attitude where people are just naturally attracted to you? An attitude where you inspire other people? An attitude where people just naturally like you? Wouldn’t that be great to be that kind of person that brings out the best in others? Well, the truth is that you already are that kind of person!

Every single one of you reading this article has the potential to be so very much more than you are right now! You have every single thing you need to be magnetic, inspiring and well-liked. The big problem is that most of you just don’t realize that you already have it!

When you break it down into its most basic component, your attitude is how you perceive things. It’s how you look at the things around you. It’s how you look at your circumstances. If you change the way you look at things, you change your life!

Do away with the negative in your life. Stop thinking negative thoughts. Take every thought captive and analyze it in the light of truth. Stop telling yourself you are stupid…because you aren’t! Stop telling yourself you are ugly…because you aren’t! Stop telling yourself you are a failure…because you aren’t!

Start thinking and speaking only positive things! Speak positive things about yourself. Speak positive things over your family. Speak positive things to your friends. Speak positive things to strangers. You will be amazed at the changes that will be made in your life!

Life goes around just once! Enjoy it to its fullest. Happiness is a choice! Do things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do such as…

…sing as if no one were listening

…dance as if no one were watching

…live as if you will die tomorrow

…love as if you have never been hurt

…dream as if it were real

…forgive as if you had never been wronged

Become an artist and paint your life as if it were a painting by Van Gough. Make it beautiful. Make it priceless. Make it remembered by those who come after. Make it a masterpiece!

Ahhh, the spirit of those wild horses! We all have that spirit buried deep, down inside us. Open yourself up to the goodness of life. Set your spirit soaring to heights you have only dreamed of and go where you have always been afraid to go. The chains of your bondage are of your own making and you are free to run loose. Let those horses run!!!

by Chris W. Sutton

Wild Horses

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