Today I want to tell you something I discovered twice already.

You see, since I discovered the information in the Formula, my life has changed tremendously.

How so?

Well, I have achieved things that are simply amazing, I am living a life that is about 100 times better than the one I was living 2 or 3 years ago.

We are all experts at the Law of Attraction, please do understand that, we all attract EVERYTHING into our lives.

The problem lies on what is it that we attract, do we attract the good things we wish for and desire, or, do we attract the problems and real-life nightmares that we suddenly go through.

The answer is – we attract all of it, there is nothing that happens to us that we do not attract, and we attract it all by our mind.

Our mind (our subconscious) does this for us, and most of the time it is doing it on autopilot, it does not even consult with us if we really want what it is attracting.

The mind will attract things with full force, it doesn’t matter if they are good for and or bad for us, the mind cannot tell the difference, it just knows that it must attract the things that we (or it) believes to be the truth.

And what is the truth?
The truth is everything that it has stored in memory (the subconscious can remember things that we consciously cannot) that has been repeated over and over again.

Examples, remember the last time someone offended you or made you mad with anger?
You do?
Well, you just reinforced upon your mind that thought by the simple fact of remembering it, so it just added 1 more count to the score of “feeling offended” or “feeling mad with anger” or any other negative classification that it wants – again, this is not in our control.

So what happens with that thought?
Every time you remember something and every time that you imagine something – to your mind it is as if you are living the exact same situation again, it does not know your are remembering or imagining, so it counts it as 1 more incident.

What’s with all the counting?
Your minds job is to count everything, and when something repeats many times over it becomes a belief.

So how does it all tie together?
Your mind must prove that what it believes is true, so it will attract it to you.

You just remembered that time when you got mad (if you “think about it” again now you add 1 more incident, this is how “bad” it can be), so the mind added that incident to the count of negative situations of that kind.
If the mind counts too many of those, it makes a belief about those situations, in general terms it will have to do with a generalization of some sort that will state something like:

“all women are bad”
“all men are the same”
“you have to work hard to make a living”

It doesn’t matter what the belief is, it has become a truth to your mind.

So what happens next?

Lets stick to “you have to work hard to make a living”, to our conscious it might mean that we need to work hard to earn some good money.

To the subconscious it might mean “If I want to live, I have to work hard”, or, “there is no way I can make m.oney if I do not work hard”- harsh uh?

You must realize the power of this “beliefs” or “truths” – it means that you have been sentenced to work hard in order to either live or make m.oney.

Your mind then sets itself into that course, and it will not be moved or swayed from it, which means that no matter what you consciously try to do, your mind will always make sure that you have to work hard to get by.

And if that wasn’t enough, your mind has no clue of what “work hard” means, untill you tell it!
But you have to tell it while you are doing it so it can understand the level of work that is required (or the exact activity) for it to be called “hard work”.

So what happens if you never reach that state of “hard work”?
Or if you don’t sustain that “hard work” every single minute of every single day?

Your mind can suddenly say:

No “hard work” = “no living”
No “hard work” = “no m.oney”

And it will make sure to attract it to you!

It will not ask you, it will even go as far as go against you if you say something like:

“Honey, I am going to ask my boss for a raise” or “I am going to win the lotto”

Your mind will see it as you trying to break the rules, as you trying to go against what the truth is as it is perceived by it.

And it will make sure to punish you for it, you are after all, a rebel who is trying to prove it wrong.

And your mind hates that!

So what do I do now?
What you could do is spend the next 30 or 40 years of your life researching all the great philosophers and learning every single thing they wrote, then understanding what is behind it.
Then researching and reading every single book on the mind and the law of attraction, trying to catch the bits of wisdom in each one of them.

Discussing with other great minds every single aspect of those things and researching more and learning more and doing more….

Until you reach the point of “enlightment” where you discover the secret on how to make things happen for you the way you want.


You could just take the easy road and use what others have discovered in order to make things work for you.

I find the second solution to be more productive, don’t you?

I much rather spend my next 30 or 40 years wealthy and happy, rather that in “research” , don’t you agree?

Good, now that we agree you will agree with me that by not taking action towards getting the information is the same thing as “doing the research” all by your own.

Taking action is very important, and it will allow you to live your life the way you decide, it will make the changes that you require in your life in order for you to be happy and have real wealth.

You must act right now because you need the change, you must take control of your life and your destiny.

I hope that what I have talked about helps you reach that point in your life where you are living in bliss, where all good things come to you effortlessly.

You are a success

Thank you for taking the time to read this post

The secret behind the secret


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