Letter from a friend

I recieved this from a friend of mine some years ago, when I was going thru some tough personal issue, it was a wake up call for me. I thought I would share it.

Your life is now. I tell you this from the bottom of my heart. It is not what you did yesterday. It is not what you will do tomorrow or in your future. It is now.

Today is your opportunity to live the real life. Today is your time to get out of the swamp of the status quo. You need to be different on purpose:

• Don’t sit around your house and watch TV.
• Don’t sell your soul for a great benefits package.
• Don’t buy things to have a cooler image.
• Don’t hang around with people aiming low in their lives.
• Don’t chase money and stuff.
• Don’t let the majority shape you.

You are a great-spirited person; it shows in your ambitions and dreams. However, you are not taking your potential seriously. You are trading invaluable days for mere “good times,” and “getting-by.” Because you are letting your fears get the best of you. You fear the time is not right, the resources aren’t there, and you don’t have what it takes. And now, your fear is slowing you down like an anchor that slips overboard and drags along the bottom.

The only fear you need is the fear that you will continue living a life much smaller than your spirit and awake someday to find yourself a shell of a person, a product of hundred small mediocre choices. Or worse yet, you might die unexpectedly tomorrow, next week or next month with your music still in you. Your life is now. Your life is now, or never. You can’t choose money over your real dreams, without a negative consequence on your spirit.

You can’t keep putting your true talents on hold, without ending up talentless. You can’t keep putting off your big move, without, bit by bit, killing your desire to make a move. You can’t go on trading away your true power for comfort, without someday ending up weak. You possess unfathomable strength and ability, but you are rarely calling on your tremendous mental and physical resources. They demand to be stretched, exercised and challenged. They demand to be used to their full capacity. The reward your abilities promise is nothing short of greatness and excellence.

Let me be blunt, in hopes of making my true point: Everyday you do not commit yourself to greatness; you are falling asleep, allowing yourself to suffocate on an atmosphere of mediocrity. Is the spirit-killing atmosphere I reference real? You only need to look at the newspaper or TV to know we are surrounded by negativity that cares little about inspiring greatness. You are never far from people who care nothing about being different, trying harder, or aiming higher. And you are exposed to a constant stream of products and services and efforts where average makes the grade. Yes indeed, you live in an atmosphere of mediocrity, and like poison gas it will dull you, bore you, disillusion you and lessen you if you don’t wake up and do something about it. My friend, your life is now. Take a stand against mediocrity. Make your greatness non-negotiable. Put it into higher gear.

My thoughts are with you,

Letter from a friend

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