Discover The Divine Truth – Who are you?

Imagine you had no eyes to see. You would not know colors, you would not know how the sun, the stars, your environment, this whole world would look. You would not even know the look of your best friend nor yourself.

You had no pictures in your mind at all, since you do not know how things look like there were no beautiful looking places to think of and your dreams would be empty like a movie without pictures. Whatever your favorite sight or view is, it would not there.

Imagine you also had no ears to hear and would not know the sound of the birds, nor the voice of your best friend. You had no melodies in your head after you listened to the radio and your dreams would be still, like a movie without pictures , soundtrack and dialogs. Your mind would not be able to recognize and hear sound of any kind.

You could not talk because you cannot even hear your own voice. You could not even talk with your hands since you could not see what they do. Whatever your favorite song is, it would not be there.

Imagine further you could not even taste. Every single food you ate was plain. Having appetite just because of the good taste of something would not be possible. An apple would be the same for you as a potato and water had no more taste at all. Whatever your favorite taste is, it would not be there.

Imagine that you also could not smell. You could not smell the fresh air, the flowers and the fresh cut grass in the summer months. Whatever your favorite smell is, it would not be there.

Now imagine even further that you could not feel. You would not know the difference between warm and cold. You could not walk because your feet would not feel the ground you were walking on. Riding a roller coaster would no longer be any fun at all. You could not feel the wind blowing though your face or the sun’s warmth on it. Whatever your favorite feeling is, it would not be there.

Your mind could not even try to imagine how things would look like if you could see, nor imagine how things would taste, how they would smell and if they made any sound, simply because you could not even feel them when touching them. And if you could not feel, would love still exist?

Your mind would be completely empty. There would be nothing.

Yet, you would still exist.

Now ask yourself. Who are you really?


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Discover The Divine Truth – Who are you?

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