Earth is a prison

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  1. What is “Revelations of the insider”?
    Where is that answer and question from? Earth is really a prison? I think this is kind of crazy. Please share some more on this book, or text or revelation before stating such things.


  2. it actually makes lot of sense, but i would also like to know what is “Revelations of the insider”?

  3. “Revelations of the insider” is an eBook that will be given away as a bonus together with “Discover the Divine Truth” once it is finsihed.

    So you will get “Revelations of the insider” actually for free. I’m thinking about giving it away even before “Discover the Divine Truth” is done but I’m not sure yet.

    “Revelations of the insider” is actually an interview like eBook with questions to someone who calls himself “the insider”. The answers he gives are very thought provoking and a lot of the stuff goes way beyond what the average person thinks this world really is and how it works.

    In my opinion it’s a must read. I’ll try to get it online asap and may be post a few more quotes from it.

  4. I just created a new post with anoter quote from “Revelations of the insider”. The post will be online by this time tomorrow.
    Meanwhile I’m working on getting the eBook done so you can read all of the “Revelations of the insider” and “Discover the Divine Truth” texts.

  5. i cant wait for it to be ready 🙂 i love the quotes that are posted here. how will i find out when its available?

  6. Xunix simple subscribe to the newsletter box on the main page. You will be informed when either one of the two eBooks will be available here. This is NOT a list for advertising and regular mailings. It’s simple an anouncement list, I’m not sending out more than 1 mail/month to that list.
    Or you can also subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog. It will be posted here as well.

    And yes you can use these quotes on other sites. Of course I’d appreciate it if you could mention this site and put a link to it, but that’s all I ask.

    I’m also working on a small forum for this right now so people can join together. It will may be also where the eBooks can be downloaded.

  7. Revelations of the Insider was a forum created in 2005, it is public domain.
    Was not an interview, you have to explain the full context of the text of the insider.
    Do not speculate with the insider text it is not yours.

  8. I do not, everyon can have it for free on the internet, I just added it as a bonus to my eBook.

    This is what it says on my site:
    “Also included as a bonus. One of the most fascinating conversations ever to have been recorded at an internet forum.”

    Also revelations of the insider was not a forum but was created in a forum.

    Anyways a lot of people don’t seem to like it that I added it as bonus to my eBook so I’ll have to think about giving it away for free.

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