Bonuses that come with the eBook

I have decided which bonuses will come along with this eBook. Besides 1-2 of the most famous books (in eBook form) ever written on the secret of life there will also be highly controversial text that showed up on the internet almost exactly a year ago from today. It is actually a summary of a few posts of a man who claims to be an insider from a ruling bloodline and talks a lot about the secrets of life. This text will be available as an eBook version in PDF format for the very first time and is a most read to those that are not afraid to find out the truth about life.

So stay tuned this package is being worked on very hard these days.

Also thanks to those posting comments on this blog and telling me to take my time and get this done.

Bonuses that come with the eBook

3 thoughts on “Bonuses that come with the eBook

  1. Hi Tino,

    is there a way to contribute to this eBook? I just read this post on what you plan to add as bonuses and also start to figure out what the eBook will be about.
    I would love to add some of my articles and may be an particular book I wrote. I wouldn’t want any money just my name under my book and may be a link to the website of course.

    Marie Ann

  2. Marrie Ann, just write me an e-mail to tino at and we’ll work something out. I’m open to every type of partnership right now.


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