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Talk about the bonus eBook 'Revelations of the Insider' in this forum.  
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Re: The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider
Posted by: Admin (IP Logged)
Date: April 08, 2011 11:33PM

I just wanted to thank Cesar again for his posts. I just fully understood the love part and also fully understand now where this will lead me to.

not loving here is like I'm not loving myself - I figured this out by now.

thanks aagain

Re: The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider
Posted by: 13anshee (IP Logged)
Date: June 24, 2011 10:43PM

Hi everyone,
I found this site last night, i've been searching for people like me for awhile.

I'll start off with my story so you can understand how i came to be where i am now,

I was lead to the text regarding Revelations of an Insider some time back, a work collegue had given me a whole heap of pdf and text files concerning conspiricy theories etc. but revelations was the only one which stuff out, my intuition told me to read it, and i did, even though at the start i got angry and wanted to close it, my intuition urged me on, and being sick of the life that i was living not listening to my intuition i thought, why not?

It changed my life, in so many ways and i have learned so much since then.

I've been instructed by my intuition (or Inner Tuition) to post the information that was revealed to me so that some fellow walkers of the path can take from it what they wish

I'd like to disclaim here that i don't care for anyones opinion nor do i do this out of ego, I am simply passing on information that was passed on to me.

I consider everything the Insider said to be the truth, the whole truth. in fact i refer to it when studying ancient text so that i don't get lead astray.

i'll start with what the Insider said about temperence,
"self control based on inner knowing to acheive inner order of the soul"

so one must obviously know themselves, in order to do that you have to take a long hard look in the mirror, put your ego aside and look at the good and bad things, both of them

i did this and it showed me my flaws, and they are not what most would think, in fact i had very few possitive traits, merely illusions of positive traits

if you use logic as a guide also you will being to understand that this world, your "reality" and the way we as souls in this human capsule experience this world is actually all related to the senses, the sight, sounds, smells, feelings (not touch, emotions) tastes. our brain has been programmed to administer responses to external stimuli (this is all part of it, the "distraction") this brainwashing is what causes us to "loose control" when in actual fact its merely because our brain is instigating a sequencce in this body to a preprogramed set of rules

is this really text you're reading? do the letters and numbers really mean the things you think they do
what are your ideals on time, dates history even unimportant things like
do dinosaurs really exist? or is that all fabricated too?
this world as we know it is actually mostly false
in fact the only thing that is real, eternal and not temporal is your connection to The Divine One

or your inner tuition

for those of you whom are at a loss as to how to move further ahead on the path, i would suggest reading
the Bhagavad Gita, you will be able to igrnore the obvious additions

this site here is what i was lead to

also research raja yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and karma yoga

it will help you understand more, just use your intuition to filter out all the traps in there

know that i am not a hindu, i was baptised a catholic, then studied buddhism, zen and now i have moved onto studying hindu, there will be other study but right now for me is the time of practice

btw if you have secluded yourself from the distraction you are missing the point of it, once you have elevated yourself you should not be affected at all by the material world, running away from it will have the opposite affect on you,

follow what the Insider said about food, medicine etc.
"you only need yourself and The Divine"

what helped for me was avoided all food additives, start with preservatives, artificial colours and flavours and of course flavour enhancers, purified water helps also

escaping the distraction is only so you can reassert your goals and re learn the truth

let go of the self, everything you think you know about yourself is not you

as for the sex part, it is merely a manifestation of the physical body, if you wish to indulge in it, your choice with concequenses,
for you all to know i work in a warehouse surrounder by electrical equipment with the radio blasting all day and i also have a "hormonal" wife and teething toddler, yet still i walk the path

courage is the antidote of fear, and fear is what the distraction is based on, look closer you will see the truth

one last thing
some of you seem scarred of being here, i don't belong here etc. you are being driven by fear
know that The Divine One provides all that you need, and you should spend more time with your intuition getting to know the One so that you can understand the glory of The Good One, and fear will appear to you as it really is

an emotion

i personally do not care for how many lives i spend here, as long as i can serve the Divine One the best way i can, everything else is a selfish personal desire

also before i go, The Divine Law is very much life what some humans call the "law of attraction" that which you choose to be through actions, thoughts, words etc. is where you head on a spiritual path, the soul cannot die, so if you follow the words of the Insider

"be like that with which you wish to connect"

you will see how to live, and you will know true peace

again i will state this is merely information i am passing on, i do know care if you disagree with me, and i doubt this will be an issue but if you must abuse me at least think first, i don't care about your ego and you will only hurt yourself


Re: The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider
Posted by: Admin (IP Logged)
Date: July 19, 2011 01:19AM

I do like your post, yet I'm not sure if I fully understand it, I'll have to read it again at another time

Re: The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider
Posted by: 13anshee (IP Logged)
Date: June 30, 2012 10:48PM

i'm sorry, its distorted with my anger,
what i was basicallysayingisthat life isn't about staying in your comfort zone. For me emotions are useless and silly, however I still must master them in order to evolve
take the road less travelled for YOU
I DID find another source of truth, atleast a noble fragment in it
google, I met god on a train
its really fascinating

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