Still alive

Just a small update that this project is still alive and soon to be released. Times have been a been a bit stressful lately and I’m getting closer to the prelaunch. Things should have been finished up by now but I’m still moving forward and will give you some great information soon. For everyone that can’t wait here is a small teaser for you from the eBook:

“…As it was impossible to completely abolish the knowledge from the earth, the people were seduced to forget and even deny it. The knowledge was hidden from us but the good of that era passed on clues from their time to ours for us to reveal and discover the divine truth.

They left clues in ancient texts, at places and areas, in occurences that in our world are considered a miracle or mystery in our world and even in life itself. …”

If you don’t want to miss out on this just sign up here and you’ll get noticed as one of the first people ever to read this.

Still alive

2 thoughts on “Still alive

  1. Great to hear this thing is still in the making. I was a bit scarded it would never come out after not seeing any new updates and hearing on the progress. I’m very anxious to see the finished eBook.


  2. I second the comment above. I really look forward to this after hearing that much about it. Take your time and finish it up as a good product rather then rush it. I sure did subscibe to get noticed once this is out.

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